5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Found you through “see.me” and then saw the comment from your daughter back in June and wanted to know if you are okay and if you will be posting again soon?

    • I doing great! I’m just way behind in all aspects of my life. I spent 5 months recovering from a surgery that didn’t go quite as expected.

      I am hoping to get my blog going again soon as soon as I get a couple more business things up to date. *Sigh* It takes twice as long to “catch up” as it does to just do it in the first place!

      Thank you so much for asking. I really appreciate it.


      • So good to hear all is going well! I forgot to mention I really like your work! I’m trying to get my own art career off the ground so I am looking around to see how others are doing it. I have a graphic design studio in LA and am in the process of merging my interests. studiowilks.com (day job) treadmessenger.com (anytime I can find the time). I look forward to seeing more posts from you soon! ~R

  2. Julie Wolf said:

    Susan, it’s good to see your post. We have been hoping to hear that you are doing better and have been watching your blog for an update. As soon as you can have classes again we are looking forward to seeing you. Take care and get better each day!

  3. Annemarie said:

    Finally ….. I have been looking at your blog from time to time and because there was no news after what your dauhter wrote, I was worried about you.
    Today I just clicked on ‘about’ and found out you are doing well. I am so very pleased for you!!!!!
    Take care!


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