The fine silver (PMC3) metal clay brooch that I made using a Zentangle® tile as inspiration is not only finished, it has moved on to a new home.  I took a quick (and rather bad) picture of it before it moved on.

I would say that using Zentangle as a way to break that creative block was a success!

As an experiment, I have started another project using the same Zentangle tile as inspiration, but this time it will be made out of the new Sterling Silver PMC.  Sterling Silver PMC was just recently released by the Mitsubishi Corporation and this is a great way for me to explore the difference in the working properties between PMC3 and Sterling PMC.

I have really taken to the feel of the sterling clay.  It seems to have a longer working window in the moist clay form.  But what I am really interested in is working with it using dry construction techniques.  I like working dry, that’s just my thing and I am loving how sterling clay assembles in the dry state.   Can’t wait to fire it to see how strong the bond is with small surface area embellishments!