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threaded vessel

Class Announcement

WANAREE TANNER, Threaded Keepsake Vessel – KANSAS CITY, MO

DATE:  Sat. June 8 and Sun.threaded vessel3 June 9 2013


COST:  $325

CLASS SIZE:  12 intermediate level students.  You must have some knowledge in working with metal clay but the difficulty of your piece will be based on individual skill level.


Wanaree Tanner is coming to teach in Kansas City!!!   In this class you will not only get to know this superstar artist, but also be privy to her work techniques and innovative processes.

In this two-day class you will make a wearable vessel large enough to store small items by forming seamless threaded closures out of metal clay.  You will also learn her secrets on moving and manipulating wet clay without disturbing the texture and creating invisible seams for continuous texture on the round.

As always, Wanaree will be sharing her vast bag of tricks and tips to simplify construction and her endless knowledge on firing all brands of copper clay.

The last time Wanaree was in Kansas City she taught using COPPRclay.  This time, be prepared to become intimately acquainted with Art Clay Copper.  You will come away from class familiar with the working differences between the two clay brands and why to use a specific brand for a project. This knowledge will translate to greater success in your own studio!

Two full days of class are spent on the construction of the vessel.  Please note that unless you have made arrangements at The Office Studio, you will be taking your vessel home to fire.  Art Copper Clay is easy to fire and you will go home with a 12 page handout with all the firing schedules for ACC including ACC with silver clay and mixed metals.

2 thoughts on “CLASSES and The Office Studio”

  1. Hello Susan,
    This is Marilynne Lipshutz, of Studio 34 Creative Arts Center in Rochester, NY.
    We’ve met at several ISGB Gatherings. I would like to invite you to teach here.
    Are you interested ? I hope so!
    Please respond via email.
    Take care,

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